TDSMAN is a comprehensive software that helps in preparing Error-Free TDS & TCS Returns.This has been designed as per the system guidelines and requirements of the Income Tax Department, Govt. of India. The software enables TDS & TCS compliances for all types of Forms - 24Q, 26Q, 27Q, 27EQ.

As part of the TDS eco-system, simplified preparation of Form 24G by Pay and Accounts Office (PAO), District Treasury Office (DTO) and Cheque Drawing and Disbursing Office (CDDO) is also available. Click here for details.

Power Packed Convenience

  • The software covers current financial year and all previous financial years
  • Preparation of TDS & TCS Returns & Correction Statements (Forms 24Q, 26Q, 27Q, 27EQ)
  • Supports unlimited Deductors / Companies
  • Limit on no. of Deductee / Employee Records - based on selection of Edition
  • Convenient & easy to use interfaces
  • Generation & printing of various types of utility reports in PDF, Word & Excel formats
  • Multi user option with definable access restrictions
  • Auto update option Trial to License
  • Deductees entry without challan

Data Import / Export Features

  • High-speed Data Import Excel & CSV
  • Export Data to Excel & CSV
  • Import of Company Information from Conso (TDS)
  • Data migration from previous TDSMAN versions
  • Data import from TXT & Conso file
  • Import Challans directly from TRACES

Default Analysis

  • PAN Verification & Name Extraction
  • Check for ‘Inoperative’ status of PAN
  • Challan validation
  • Auto TDS / TCS Calculator
  • Short Deductions
  • Late Payment - Interest calculation
  • Late Deduction - Interest calculation
  • Late Fee Calculation

Return Generation

  • FVU file generation in just one click with the integrated File Validation Utility (FVU)
  • Option to automatically download CSI file
  • Instant display of the file validation errors
  • Option to display of FVU errors in a structured format with facility to pin-point error records in Return data

Filing of Return (IT Portal)

  • Online Return Filing

TDS Certificates

  • Downloading of TDS / TCS Certificates
  • Generation & Printing of TDS / TCS Certificates
  • Merge PDF Form 16 Part A and Part B
  • Email TDS / TCS Certificates

Interfacing with TRACES & IT Portal

  • Integration with TRACES & IT Portal
  • Automated TRACES Requests / Download of Conso File, Defaults, Certificates, etc.
  • Challan auto fill-up on IT Portal
  • Validation of Challan data from TRACES / IT Portal
  • Import of Challan data from TRACES / IT Portal
  • Challan Addition, PAN Correction, Challan Correction
  • View of Challan Status, Defaults, Statement Status Credits among others
  • Validation of Certificate 197
  • Online filing of TDS / TCS Returns – IT Portal
  • Download of TRACES Utilities - PDF Convertor, Justification Reports, etc.

Correction Statements

  • Preparation of Correction Returns of all permissible types
  • Import of data from Conso (TDS) file downloaded from TRACES
  • Colour highlighting in Correction Return for easy identification
  • To simplify your corrections, software retains the original values for later reference
  • Nullify ‘All Deductees’ with one click
  • Bulk Deductee / Employee addition
  • Bulk PAN modification through Excel, CSV
  • Bulk Nullify through Excel, CSV

Useful Utilities

  • Save image of Filing Receipt
  • Data Backup and Restore facility
  • Auto Backup option
  • Upgrade to next financial year without re-installing software
  • Form 3CD report [TDS section]
  • Pay TAX online – Auto Fill
  • Option for finding BSR codes
  • Monthly TDS calculator for Salary
  • View BIN Information Online
  • View Challan information online
  • Compliance check for Sections 206AB & 206CCA
  • TDS / TCS - Rate Chart

Easy & Seamless Usage

  • Facility to auto update the Software
  • Auto update of File Validation Utility
  • Compliance Reminders & Alerts
  • Software is provided with User Manual, Video Demo for easy understanding
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for error free TDS / TCS returns

TDSMAN is a well-build software, and very user-friendly. The customer service providers are very helpful in understanding and solving my issues. I will surely recommend TDSMAN to others.

Ajay Mishra
Child Help Foundation